Custom software architecture and development

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Our company provides custom software architecture and development services. Based on your requirements our specialists will design, architect, develop, and implement Web or Desktop applications. If you need assistance in collecting and formalizing business requirements, we can help you in this process. For every project we provide technical proposal and accurate quotes at the beginning of the project. Our goal is to deliver you a high quality solution in the shortest time. For details please contact us by

Our services include:

  • Collecting business requirements and preparing formal use cases
  • Preparing technical proposal and quotes
  • Designing database model, application components and UI based on latest best practices and recommended architectures
  • Developing application components and necessary unit tests
  • Proposing on-premises and cloud deployment option
  • Preparing deployment package for compete application
  • Preparing complete technical documentation

Legacy software modernization

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BE&E Software can assist companies wishing to overcome the limitations of their legacy systems. With a wide range of advanced internally-developed solutions and extensive experience working with some of the largest companies in a range of industries our company should be your first contact when considering legacy software modernization. For details please contact us by email

Our services include:

  • Adding a new feature to legacy software
  • Altering the functionality of existing code to enhance the performance of an application
  • Upgrading existing SQL Server Database to newer versions to improve performance and reliability of your RDBMS
  • Proposing cloud migration paths
  • Helping with COTS software packages selection

Agile Software Engineering

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BE&E Software fully embraces Agile Software Development process. We keep close communication with our clients during entire project delivering developed software at very early stages of the project. This allows us to keep our clients aware about progress of the project development and capture changes in the business requirements as a feedback after each subsequent version of the software is delivered.

We prefer face-to-face communications with our client to get early feedback on the current version of the software. Even the limited implementation cannot reflect complete functionality of the application, it lets us understand real needs of our clients and anticipate possible changes and the application evolves.

Web Development

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BE&E Software provides Web Development services using latest web technologies like Microsoft® ASP.Net Core, HTML 5 and CSS 3. We can modernize websites that look outdated and, at the same time, upgrade the business logic of your application. We can re-use your existing web service or write new ones providing secure and reliable communications between your web front-end and corporate back-end. If necessary, we can add new functions to existing websites, or develop band new website for your company. For details please contact us by email

BE&E Software used responsive web design approach in our new website projects. Responsive web design provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones without using different URLs for different platforms. Responsive web design became possible thanks to CSS 3 media queries. These queries allow adapting the layout of the web page to the viewing environment.

Database Development

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BE&E Software has a great experience in database development projects. We can redesign existing database to improve performance of your database applications. We provide a wide spectrum of database development services:

Database Design

We provide services on designing new database based on your business requirements or extending existing database adding new functionality to existing database applications. Upon delivery, we provide Logical Data Model and Physical Data Model (SQL Server implementation). We can also provide an SQL script to deploy your database to SQL Server 2019 or 2022.

Database Migration and Integration

Our specialists can help you with migration of your database from older RDBMS platforms to Microsoft® SQL Server 2019 allowing your company to use its remarkable performance.

Our company also specializes on Database integration projects using SQL Server Integration Services to connect your database to other databases used by your partners.

In our Database Development we use latest technologies like:

  • SQL Server 2019 or 2022 (including development for SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS)
  • C# with .NET Core 6 or newer
  • Entity Framework Core 6 or newer
  • REST or GraphQL API

For details please contact us by email

Desktop Development

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Interested in building a desktop application for your company? Specialists at BE&E Software will design and develop a modern desktop application for you. We will design user interface of your application base on the latest UI standards. Then we will build your desktop application using Microsoft® recommended best practices and development patterns. We use automated testing tools to ensure reliability and stability of your application. Our specialist will deploy application in your company at very early stages on the project to get your users’ feedback and ensure that final project will meet your company goals and implement required functionality.

Specialists at BE&E Software use latest Desktop Development tools:

  • C# with .NET Core 6 or newer
  • Smart Client application with Windows Presentation Foundation or ,NER MAUI design pattern
  • Entity Framework Core 6 or newer
  • REST or GraphQL API

For details please contact us by email